Tutorial - Spread your Feathers

Birds Evolution II

Sonia Taylor Bach

Liberate & mobilize those poor hands, wrists & feet that are responsible for so many of our daily needs! This practice is great for people who lead lives with repetitive hand motion or who are on their feet all the time. Enjoy!

15 min / language german / all levels


The Art of Improvisation

Sonia Taylor Bach

The Nest: a series of interviews with varying topics relating to all things life & yoga. This interview is about my 20 year history as a jazz musician and how I see the connection between YOGA & JAZZ today. Interview is led by Ava Taylor Bach / YAMA Talent NYC.

7 min / language english

Tutorial - Painting the Sky

Birds Evolution I

Sonia Taylor Bach

I am so excited to share this short & powerful practice with you. In just 13 minutes liberate your shoulders & neck from tension of all types. Have fun with it.

13 min / language german / all levels

Yoga Online Trailer

Living Brilliance

Sonia Taylor Bach

Yoga Tutorials, Classes & Interviews... coming your way!

2:25min / Trailer (eng & deu)