Sicily Retreat 2019

Sicily Retreat 2019

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A Season of Wild Hearts, Food & Yoga

Sicily Retreat

*will be led in english

April 22 – 28, 2019
with Sonia Taylor Bach

We love Italy because it is delicious; because when we are there, we let go of thinking so hard about what we have to do, where we have to go, and what we haven’t done yet. In Italy we are able to let go of the need to do, and we find ourselves remembering daily pleasures and cultivating il dolce far niente - the art of doing nothing.

Everything on the to-do list can wait while we practice yoga with the vineyards in view. It can wait while we savor our meals, while we stroll the gardens, and while we take in the wildflowers, poppies, rolling green fields, fresh fava beans and artichokes.

The spring is a beautiful time to savor the flavors of Sicily. To indulge in warm ricotta, as all the sheep are out in pasture and the milk is fresh and bright. Citrus season will be mostly over, but we might still catch some blood oranges from the Etna area. Green is really the theme: wild fennel, abundant chards and baby lettuce.

We invite you to join us on an exquisite once in a lifetime week of daily yoga (2.5 hours), Sicilian cooking lessons, outside adventure, and the natural pleasures of Sicily. At the Anna Tasca Cooking School, we find an honest connection between slow quality movement, moments and slow quality food.

Sonia Taylor Bach is the director of movement culture at the yogaloft Cologne. With a masters degree in philosophy & a former professional jazz musician, Sonia became deeply involved in yoga & movement over 20 years ago. Her goal is to drive you to extract more from your practice and more from your life: an honest you, built by new insights, resulting in a clear-cut representation of who you truly are. The metaphysics of yoga or movement may seem ‘complicated’ yet, our bodies have heroic potential, natural intelligence and in combination with quality conditioning, can brilliantly navigate us through life.

The Retreat is hosted by Anna Tasca Lanza / Sicily.
Find all the juicy details, program incl. yoga, excursions, meals, wine, indicated cooking lessons and booking here: