Forrest Yoga – The Warrior Within

FROM AUGUST 15 – 16 2020




Curriculum Overview:

Forrest Yoga uses intelligent sequencing and specialised prop use awaken some of the most important structural muscles of the body. Using his skills in Forrest Yoga, and over a decade of massage and bodywork training, learn to move in new ways, unlock some of the places that may be restricting your practice, breathe deeply, and develop your fierceness by connecting to your own personal power. Learn tools that you can work into your existing practice, discover ways to work poses that will make them feel brand new, and delve into the knowledge that could change your relationship with yourself.

By the end of this weekend you will have learned Forrest Yoga tools for navigating the shoulders, the unique and gradual sequencing of backbends, explored the intricacies of back care with the opportunity to learn about many different issues, and delight in working inversions and arm balances no matter your level!

The Sessions

8 AM – 12 PM SATURDAY   : Unlocking the Shoulders
Learn various ways to engage the shoulders and upper back through Forrest Yoga skills, muscle testing, and sequencing to deepen your understanding of this complex joint.

2 PM – 6 PM SATURDAY: Therapeutic Backbends
Do backbends make you nervous? They shouldn’t! When a class builds gradually, and the focus is on space rather than depth, backbends are easy to love! In this class you will learn to apply new sequencing techniques to your backbend practice, allowing to you find freedom and joy in your backbends.

8 AM – 12 PM SUNDAY: Heal Your Back
Back pain can be exactly that, a pain! Using the tools of Forrest Yoga Finlay will teach you the relationships between groups of back muscles, unconscious posture, and how you carry yourself in your practice. This class gives you more insight into the range of issues that can arise in this area of the body and how you can tap into your own healing abilities through your practice.

2 PM – 6 PM SUNDAY : Forrest Yoga Inversions
Inversions are the poses that often bring the most excitement to your practice. In order to defy gravity, you have to be fully present and engaged in what you are doing. This class will get you on your hands, even if you are brand new to yoga or usually avoid going upside down. You will leave this session feeling triumphant with renewed faith in your own abilities!