Budokon Yoga, Mobility + Martial Arts

FROM SEPTEMBER 5 – 6, 2020




By the end of the week students will have grown physically, mentally and emotionally by challenging their status quo and moving beyond their limiting beliefs of socio-cultural conditioning.

This experience is about personal development, as an individual as well as teacher of movement and life philosophy.

The students’ understanding for movement will broaden by experiencing and studying how mobility as well as martial arts and calisthenics apply to yogic asana, by improving their agility, capacity to balance and move dynamically.

While becoming a more versatile mover and thinker, the students will also gain an in depth understanding of how to establish themselves as credible and inspiring teachers and building their brand.


Saturday  8am-12pm: Budokon Yoga + Mind Science

Budokon YOGA, practice All Levels


The Budokon Yoga practice is powerful and transformative. It reveals our limitations as well as possibilities. It teaches us how we deal with challenges and allows for room to growth.  During this workshop explore how Budokon combines martial arts and yogic principles taught in the tradition of our Budokon system – the ‘Way of the Warrior Spirit’. Melayne & Cameron Shayne will break down and dissect elements of the  Budokon Yoga Series, combining strong and circular sequence of yogic asanas, martial arts transitions, animal locomotion to increase your muscular strength, body control and stability, agility, mobility and the cultivation of pure witness state zen mind.


Mind Science, Lecture


“Emotions, Thoughts, Relationship – The Dance of the Unicorn and Lion.”


Saturday 2-6pm: Budokon Martial Arts + Mind Science

BDK Martial Arts, practice All Levels .


Budokon is one of the most unique contemporary movement systems in the world. A BDK mixed movement artist studies yoga, calisthenics, martial arts and animal locomotion, Budokon’s martial arts style is best described as a mixed martial arts system combining grappling and striking focused on a combination of sport and self defense application. As well as being a combat system it is a philosophy with guiding universal principles learned from seated meditation. Martial Arts it the true yogic practice of body awareness, zen state of mind, practice of being in the moment and relationship with others and self.


Mind Science, Lecture – “Brand Building.”

Sunday  8am-12pm: BDK Mobility & Free Form Movement + Mind 


Budokon Mobility & Free Form Movement, practice All Levels


Join Budokon Mixed Movement Athletes and Founders Cameron & Melayne Shayne for a workshop of dynamic body/mind connection of human awareness and free from movement. It is primal, liberating and inspiring. Movers will discover more about themselves. It will open up your bodies and minds for a weekend of deep exploration and growth.


Mind Science, Lecture – “Beliefs.”

Sunday 2-6pm: Animal Locomotion & Calisthenics + Mind Science  

Animal Locomotion & Calisthenics, practice All Levels.


The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kalos (κάλος), which means “beauty”, and sthenos (σθένος), meaning “strength”. It is the art of using ones body weight and qualities of inertia as a means to develop ones physique. This workshop combines Budokon’s innovative animal locomotive transitions as well as functional strength training. The first thing to understand about movement is that it defines and shapes our very existence. Rather than I think therefore I am, It is more accurate to say, I move therefore I am. Animal locomotion is the study of quadrupedal movement patterns of animals which can be explored through human locomotion. When humans closely examine the origins of their own movement patterns as quadrupeds, we better understand the urgency for us to return to using all four limbs to move. By illuminating the lost relationship between man and evolutionary movement patterns we awaken to our true movement intelligence.


Mind Science, Lecture – 

“Unnecessary & Necessary, Absolute & Relative”


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