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SADIE_INTERVIEWyou talk about the “next generation of yogis” – what is your next step in the evolution of yoga?

“My next evolution is bringing in more anatomy knowledge, more biomechanics, more holistic anatomy, so that the body moves as a whole organism.
I am seeing places where yoga alignment sometimes is not as effective as how the body is really born and build to move. So I am helping people move into their full asana practice in the most effective, most save way that I can think of. That ´s an evolution for me because the classical yoga masters were not that good at anatomy. They had shape and structure, they wanted full range of motion and energy flow, but they were not really aware of how the body moves through space. They were just trying to get it to shapes. So I am bringing in the transitions. I think that breathing through the transitions, moving through them more mindfully as if they were asanas themselves and using the physics to advantage is really something I can add to the yoga conversation.”

you offer a lot of tutorials and teachings online. do you think that this is the new way of bringing Yoga to people?

I think it ´s one way. And I think it ´s a really cool way to bring yoga to the most amount of people.
Of course nothing ever really is a substitute for being in the room with your teacher. However, a lot of people are in areas where they can ´t get to a yoga studio or don ´t have the money to afford studying with one of the big teachers or taking a training. I really want to give those people an opportunity to learn the same things that some “wealthier” people do – you know, yoga is getting expensive all over the world. It´ s nice to get something online for free or for very little money that can help you serve the world better, help you optimize your yoga practice and learn more about your life.

you have so many projects, certification programs, workshops and so on. still your homepage says that you live exactly what you teach. how is this possible? don ´t you ever get stressed? what ´s your key?

Oh my gosh – I do. I get super stressed. But I am teaching how to deal with stress, because we ´re human beings and we get reactive. That ´s the nature of being human. Reactions will always happen. I have seen yoga masters getting upset, getting angry and reactive. So sometimes when we do that it ´s a lightning fast, but the question is what is your daily practice? How can you deal with being human?

what is “core strength” for you?

For me, Core Strength is the whole body, deep more profound availability of your muscle meridian strength. So we have muscle meridian that runs through the whole body and we thought the core would just be the abs, the outer muscles.

When you activate that optimally it gives you lightness and power and that ´s freedom, almost like a magic ninja super hero. So, I teach people how to activate it in order in a way that most yoga teachers don ´t know, yet, but when they do add that into their style, it turboboosts their teaching. So for me, Core Strength is that on a physical level.
But it is also getting closer to your own core relationship, with who you are. Your core relationship with yourself becomes more healthy, more functional and more effective through activating the core line.
When you can do that and love yourself a little more, you gain more freedom, you gain more strength, you gain more lightness in your life, just like on the mat.

there are more yoga teachers every year all over the world, what is your message to new teachers who want to make it out there?

There is still a growing market for yoga, it ´s still expanding in the United States and starting to get popular now across the rest of the world. It ´s only going to grow because people love to move, love to know themselves and to have a lifestyle purpose.
Don ´t let people tell you there is competition. I don ´t believe there is any competition for your path – only you getting in or out of your own way.
So that ´s the focus. If you ´re burning passionate about teaching yoga, that ´s exactly what you should do. If you ´re not passionate about it, then you should do something you are passionate about. And if you ´re going to teach, then be yourself, absolutely use your own voice, speak your own truth and play the music you want and teach the postures the way that you feel you would want to take them.

more about Sadie:

Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga (CSVY). After studying yoga, anatomy and philosophy for roundabout 20 years, she developed CSVY based on biochemical and physical knowledge about the human body. Furthermore, her teachings include a modern approach to yoga philosophy and coaching-like uses of our inner wisdom. All in all, CSVY combines old and new in a unique way and offers a yogic tool to meaningful living and freedom.

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