patrick in a nutshell

patrick in a nutshell

9. März 2015 0 Comment(s)


en-flightened flow workshop…

we already had a bunch of great workshops at our yogaloft, but this one was unique in it’s own way.
I already had seen lots of videos and pictures of Patrick but meeting him for the first time, somehow felt really familiar.

it might have been, because he also is a “member” of this big yoga family and stepping foot in our barefoot temple makes people often feel comfortable in an instance…
but we got the feeling that this young fellow has met his fair share of people on his tours around the globe and somehow managed to stay very grounded and pure in his yoga teaching style and his position in this yoga industry.

two days into his workshop we felt really sore and challenged by his yoga practice but also very inspired by his advice and tips how to get into certain balancing poses.

after the last day of the workshop we looked into a lot of exhausted yogi faces, luckily there was a certain smirk of happiness behind it that told us we had made a lot of people really happy by hosting Patrick’s workshop at our barefoot temple.

we will certainly stay in touch with this great guy, and hopefully have him back for a new workshop adventure…

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