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SADIE_INTERVIEWyou talk about the “next generation of yogis” – what is your next step in the evolution of yoga?

“My next evolution is bringing in more anatomy knowledge, more biomechanics, more holistic anatomy, so that the body moves as a whole organism.
I am seeing places where yoga alignment sometimes is not as effective as how the body is really born and build to move. So I am helping people move into their full asana practice in the most effective, most save way that I can think of. That ´s an evolution for me because the classical yoga masters were


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MEGHAN_INTERVIEWyoga starts now. what does this sentence mean to you?
This moment is all we’ve truly got. The past is gone – the future is unknown. We can drop into unity now if we allow a dropping of  identification with past and  future.

what was your first time doing yoga?
The very first time I did yoga was when I was twelve. I was working at a farmers market. At that time I suffered from really terrible debilitating anxiety.  Across the booth where I was working was a wise looking bearded man, selling his meditation tapes and books. I was


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Yeah! Es ist soweit: Unsere mit Herz gestaltete yogaloft-Boutique ist eröffnet. Euch erwartet eine exquisite Auswahl von Yoga- und Loungewear, Matten, Props, Accessoires, ayurvedischen Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln, Tee & mehr. Schaut doch einfach mal rein. Wir freuen uns auf euch – immer!

living brilliance

Be connected: Ab sofort gibt’s uns auch auf Shirts und Taschen. Karma! Be Here Now! Living Brilliance! Mit viel Liebe und Herzblut haben wir für euch eine Kollektion von Shirts entworfen, die wir gerade in Italien produzieren lassen. Hammer Schnitte, nachhaltige Materialien, tolle Qualität – einfach Bäm! Der coole Loft-Look ist nicht nur auf der


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3-Day Rocking…Sadie_Nardini_theyogaloftcologne

Sadie is phenomena, she steps into a plain yoga room and paints it in bright colors with her personality and positive energy.

it has been her second time at the yogaloft, since then we were able to follow and practice with her online but somehow she manages to surprise us students over and over again when we meet her in persons to join her for some more yoga wisdom on the mat…

she has a very unique and honest way to teach you about her insights on a lifelong relationship with yoga and life itself. never holding back

patrick in a nutshell

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en-flightened flow workshop…

we already had a bunch of great workshops at our yogaloft, but this one was unique in it’s own way.
I already had seen lots of videos and pictures of Patrick but meeting him for the first time, somehow felt really familiar.

it might have been, because he also is a “member” of this big yoga family and stepping foot in our barefoot temple makes people often feel comfortable in an instance…
but we got the feeling that this young fellow has met his fair share of people on his tours around the globe and somehow managed

yoga germany magazine

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barefoot life & boots love…

Sonia is gracing the cover of  Yoga Germany Magazine

“yoga for me… is not the recipe for permanent happiness or explaining within 90 minutes how ‘the’ world is ticking. yoga is a dance partner. the dance is tango. leading and being led. listening, trusting your intuition & unleashing creativity. for me this is as sexy as life gets”.

find out more what she thinks about life, love & of course, yoga! on stands now! or at the yogaloft…



website relaunch: the man in charge

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Simonyes, he did sweat as well!

night and days by himself and for sure with us @theyogaloft.

art director simon programmed our new website with a great first result…

and this is just the beginning. finding the right plug ins hasn’t been easy but accomplished.

we love his work. thank you nerdy.