Schedule is valid for two weeks.


* Kurs in English

Visitors via Urban Sports Club or OneFit may take the following classes:

*** PLEASE NOTE: Due to our narrowed class schedule during Christmas, all classes from Dec 24th 2018 until Jan 1st 2019 (incl.) are not available for visitors via Urban Sports Club or OneFit – even if they usually could be taken. ***

  • Monday, 20:15h Basic Level 90min
  • Tuesday, 15.30h Pure Basic Level 90min
  • Tuesday, 18.30h Basic Level 90min
  • Wednesday, 8.00h Wake up, Basic Level 60min
  • Wednesday, 11h Calisthenics 60min
  • Wednesday, 17h Basic Level 90min
  • Thursday, 17h Calistenics 60min
  • Thursday, 19:30-21h Basic Level 90min
  • Friday, 10h Basic Level 90min
  • Friday, 12h,Open Level 60min
  • Friday, 17h Calistenics 60min
  • Saturday, 9:30h Advanced Level 90min
  • Sunday, 9:30h Advanced Level 90min
  • Sunday, 11h Open Level 90min
  • Sunday, 16h Calistenics 60min
  • Sunday, 17h Open Level 90min