Pure Basic

Begin. Breathe. Learn.

Pure Basic is the perfect place begin your yoga journey, to get the basics down and meet the yogaloft Family. Pure Basic is for those new to yoga or new to our fluid yoga style.  It is also ideal for those who haven’t practiced in a while, or who like to keep things pure and simple, you know, those who follow the “Rheinheitsgebot”.  Without any pressure, the gentle flow of this yoga class will teach you the yoga postures (asanas), simple transitions and various effective, energising breath techniques. 

In Pure Basic, you will find yourself growing energised, healthier and more conscious. 

You may not even directly notice all the changes, but your friends and loved ones certainly will.
Bring comfortable clothes, your curiosity and an open heart.  Our yogaloft teachers will expertly do the rest.


Connect. Deepen. Discover.

Our basic classes, are for everyone. The featured asanas remain accessible, though they will be strung together more fluidly.   We seek to keep the breath measured and paced, while the general tempo of the class picks up considerably from Pure Basic. You will sweat, and learn tools to help you embrace challenges both on and off the mat. We welcome newer yogis who enjoy an invigorating challenge, those in business clothes all day, that want to play like a kid again, and advanced yogis who understand the value of a good K.I.S.S: “Keep it Simple and Sensuous.”  It will challenge you like climbing the stairs of the Cathedral in Cologne.

Bring a towel, your best “victorious breath” (Ujjayi), and the willingness to be moved.


Tap in. Turn on. Take off.

Open level, is where our practice gets fierce and our hearts really begin to awaken. Feel free to join us in the Open after at least 4 months of comfortably taking multiple classes a week. The offering of asanas becomes more challenging, the methods for teaching more creative, and the sequences of asanas become longer, more intricate and more intense.  Here you will find transitions between the asanas challenging enough to support the transitions in your life. Open classes are unquestionably the favourites of our yogaloft “Lifers,” and geared for yogis who want to explore and develop the intelligence of their bodies. There’s nothing like an Open yoga session to brush aside the fog of a day spent behind the desk or a night out with too many Kölsches.

Bring a Towel, a big heart, a healthy dose of humility and pride, and the willingness to be challenged.


Dream. Believe. Become.

The path is the goal and the work is the path. Advance classes at the yogaloft are where we forge our hearts. Here, you will be deeply challenged. The group energy heats up the room, while the vibes stay fresh and cool. If you get a kick out of learning jump-throughs, moving through intricate transitions, or exploring invigorating asanas like forearm stand, headstand or handstand, then come Advance with us. Perhaps you just want to practice at a level that goes to eleven.  Either way, Advanced classes are where your prayers are written into your body.  No pressure & no prizes – putting your legs behind your head or balancing on your fingers never saved anyone’s soul.

Bring everything you got, except your cell phone. This class is for you, not for Instagram. You can do that afterwards.


Explore. Get lost. Discover.

The yogaloft is your home and this is your homework. At the yogaloft we know the joy that physical discovery and development can bring.  “Practice and all is coming” may be true, but it still helps to have a bit of L.U.C.K.: Learning Under Critical Knowledge. 

Come, get lucky with us in Calisthenics.  A glorious one hour body knowledge infusion for your practice.
Calisthenics is primarily about coordination, mobility and strengthening. Here we will break down movement principles into functional exercises using your own body weight. 

Crawl like an animal, jump like a frog, slide across the floor and fail, like you are not afraid of learning. We believe a practice of quality movement and failing skillfully is the foundation for a practice of growth. Come fail skillfully with us: that is how we build.

Bring SOFT SOCKS, an willingness to learn and the openness to be surprised.  Remember: Yoga means to join.

Warning: wear clothes with no buttons, or zippers ANYWHERE on them. When you roll on the floor these things will destroy the floor and your body. Your body may heal, our floor won’t. No exceptions. Youre welcome to practice naked if you forget. 


Balance. Listen. Receive.

This is the class for the deep stuff.  For the deep down in you stuff.
Here, the twisting, turning and shape making happens within your mind and soul.
Through meditation and breathwork you’ll learn to hear the language of silence and discover peace in what lies beneath your flesh and bones. We will expertly guide you towards experiencing mental states of clarity, relaxation and balance. Meditation improves your bodies work by understanding the relationship of breath and mind.  Calm your nervous system, nourish yourself and boost your immune system.
Meditation is a wonder on its own, and totally magic, when followed by a yoga class.

Blankets to fly and pillows to rest will be your healing nest.
Open to all levels and all body types. 


Surrender. Nourish. Take time for YOU.

Yin Yoga is about balance, patience, ease, and surrender.  Yin Yoga is a slow-paced yoga class where you hold each pose for between 2-5 minutes. Our bodies will stay on the floor so that the spirit can elevate. In Yin we focus on releasing & rejuvenating through the magic of the asanas, rather than building strength or stamina through the asanas; Yin Yoga is for all ages and all abilities.  Warning: Yin Yoga can challenge your patience, especially for the “hurriers, worriers” and those who confuse force for effort. In Yin Yoga, we utilise props to support the focus on our breathing and give our connective tissue a work-out. After the relaxation of this 90 minute class you might have trouble remembering your name, but you will know better who you are.

Bring soft, loose, warm clothes and your softest, loosest, warmest heart.