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  • Elisabeth Naeem

    Ich fühle mich sehr wohl und aufgehoben im Yogaloft! Ich bin schon seit 2 Jahren dabei und kann mir mein Leben ohne Yoga gar nicht mehr vorstellen. Auch während meiner Schwangerschaft waren die Yogaloft Lehrer immer sehr hilfreich, sodass ich bis spät in der Schwangerschaft noch im Yogaloft yogen konnte! Vielen Dank und weiter so!

    Elisabeth Naeem 21. Oktober 2015

    Norbert Amian

    das yogaloft ist unbeschreiblich. warum? weil einfach alles passt. die tollen lofträume, die atmosphäre, das tolle team und
    die einladung, das gefühl einfach du selbst zu sein. mega! weiter so ihr lieben!

    Norbert Amian 21. Oktober 2015

    Ingo Ernst

    This is an instant feel good, breathe deep little oasis in the centre of the beautiful agnes veedel…drinking a tea while waiting for sessions makes it even more uique. The yogaloft teachers are always inspiring. There are always new approaches to a wonderful yoga practice, that leave you deeply relaxed, exhausted and happy!

    Ingo Ernst 29. September 2015

    Laila Dajani

    no matter how much time has gone by, each time I return to the Yoga Loft I have returned home. Sonia has created a wonderful refuge for those souls who wish to live from a more honest and authentic place, a studio that continues to function from such integrity. Sonia and her team are full of heart. thank you my dear friend and teacher, sonia and to your magnificent team for holding such a nurturing space in an urban setting.

    Laila Dajani 22. September 2015

    Magdalena Riiver Di Monda

    Sonia created a beautiful place with lots of love. Her team, the teachers and workshops are brilliant. A Place to to charge up with inspiration, energy and good vibes.
    Always a pleasure to visit. Sending love and light.

    Hannah Bochard

    Ich lieb mein zweites (oder erstes??) Zuhause! So ein toller Ort mit so wunderbaren Menschen!

    Hannah Bochard 29. Juni 2015

    Tatiana Bunaeva

    Beautiful studio in great location close to everything. I’ve been attending only Liz‘ lessons so far since they are in English, and she is amazing!

    Tatiana Bunaeva 29. Juni 2015


    Gosh, I don’t know where to start. Words cannot really justify how brilliant the training was. So true to its name… Living Brilliance!
    I knew it would change my life or how i see life to a certain extent but never thought it would be so profound. Sonia is a phenomenal personality, larger than life! She sourced the very best people to teach us invaluable teachings. As a non-German speaker the course met all of my needs. I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning, feeling i will miss out on things, but finally got everything i needed to get me started. The teachers where amazing and the group was an excellent mix of personalities. We all bonded very fast, we laughed, we cried, we fell over, we got back up and we practiced, practiced, practiced… All good things come to an end and so did our TT. Here’s to new beginnings!
    Thank you Sonia, thank you Yoga Loft for taking us on such a creative, full of love and deep knowledge journey. Namaste!

    Vivien 29. Juni 2015

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