25. AUGUST Sonia & Laura Corraine

Freitag 18:00-20:15 Uhr class/ 20:15-22:00 Uhr Weinprobe @theyogaloft

Kosten pro Class/ Termin: Nicht-Loft Mitglieder 32 € / Yogaloft-Mitglieder 25 €*;
(*unlimited Mitgliedschaft im yogaloft; schliesst 10er & 5er Karten Besitzer schönerweise in diesem Fall mit ein!!!)

weinpunkt meets the yogaloft cologne

The defintion of the word SAVOR means: to enjoy to the fullest, or to delight in.
Yoga has taught me how to slow down, how to be present and how to SAVOR my life;
How to enjoy my life to the fullest.
How to delight in my life.

The same enjoyment and delight as when one SAVORS a gorgeous glass of wine and a meaningful conversation.

Our class & glass series is created to give us an opportunity, to SAVOR the NOW together with our community.
We invite you to join us for this incredible Summer series each featuring a: (2) hour yoga & relax deeply class followed a distinctly curated wine tasting, light bites and conversation.

mit Sonia T. Bach & Gastlehrerinnen

jew. Freitags, 25. August Sonia mit Laura Corraine

Zeit: 18 – 20:15 Uhr (Yoga Flow & Relax Deeply)
20:15 – 22 Uhr Weinproben

Eventort: the yogaloft, Neusser Str. 27-29
(Erfthaus 1. Etage, U-Bahn: Ebertplatz)